The game is said to have used a movie editor that can also be used for advanced movie making

Playing Your Grand Theft Auto V On PC At


GTA V can now be played on PC and this is what most PC players have always been waiting for. Most have played it on their Xbox 360 and everyone just wants to play it with a smoother frame. The PC version gives players sharper textures and at the same time higher resolution at 1280×720.


The PC version will offer all of these improvements and more. You can also expect new visual effects that will greatly tae advantage of the mdoern grapic cards of your PC. Notonly that but the lighting is also way better plus the distance is far greater.


GTA V: It’s Like Entering a New World


You need to get ready to get the game at since it is coming and it is here to stay. You can expect to be in awe of the urban view of Los Santos as well as its deserts, forests and even mountains.


  • The PC version offers you a lot of busier streets
  • It also gives the city more life
  • You can experience better shootouts
  • The streets have been designed to be more chaotic
  • You won’t find any filler story missions
  • The stories are all interesting and unique in their own way


GTA V And Advanced Movie Making


You can expect a lot of mayhem with GTA V as you can play with the pedestrians as well as use different types of terrain so that you can perform the stunts that you lie.


You can even create your very own mad set-pieces in the game. Apart from Los Santos, you can also head on over to the Grand Senora Desert or around Mt. Chiliad where the forests and the valleys are at. GTA V is one huge playground and it is waiting for you to explore and play it.