There is one thing that is known to give this, and that is in the form of meditation.

Meditation and Its Different Types


With what is happening with the world today, things and events are moving at a very fast pace. From a very stressful day, your body will require rest. That rest is not only the physical rest but the holistic one.

Meditation is usually practiced by people to be mentally and emotionally calm while training attentiveness and awareness with what is going on with the surrounding. However, not all of us know that there are different types of meditation and every kind varies on the areas that it focuses.



Some of the famous types of meditation that is accessible to everyone are as follows:


  • Yoga – One of the most common ways of meditating. This is done with different body postures along with controlled breathing.
  • Guided meditation – This is meditating using the mind. The guide will let you think of relaxing places or images.
  • Tai Chi – This is a Chinese form of meditation and is usually calm. Like yoga, it involves postures and movements with deep breathing as well.
  • Mindfulness meditation – This is to meditate with the thoughts of the present and you have to do deep breathing as well.
  • Mantra meditation – This is meditation with the use of phrase or sound which is peaceful and repetitively uttered. This brings calmness and peace on your mind.
  • Qi Gong – This addresses balance wherein it combines breathing, meditation, relaxation, and physical movements.

There are other types of meditation but one thing that they are aiming is for the calmness of muscles, mind, and emotion. Some use physical posture, or movements, while most of these types use deep breathing to let the stress and negativity go away. Some use relaxing and peaceful sounds as well, to help to have the mind in a more relaxed state.