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Reward vs. Distraction: Important dog trainer albuquerque Strategies


Dog training techniques and strategies come in many different means and processes. It is unfortunate to note that there are some unfavorable practices that are being employed which are not helpful for the dogs. Thus, it is important that you only use positive and reinforcing strategies that will help train your dog in a more fun and optimistic manner. That is why rewards like food are being introduced during the training process.

In addition, it is equally important that with every fun training experience you give for your dog, you also balance it with the right amount of challenge which will help your dog develop discipline and self-control. This is where distraction comes in which helps test their mental tenacity and self-restraint.

Using distraction:

Throughout the training process, a click here dog trainer albuquerque must increase the challenge. It’s really important that we mark the moment that our puppies make a great choice. So when there’s that distraction, whether it’s a piece of toy on the ground, or maybe there is a disturbing noise or motion in the environment, we mark that moment as he makes that great choice – whether or not he reacts to that stimuli or remain focused to your order.

  • What if our puppies aren’t responding right away?
  • What if there’s some distraction that they don’t respond the first time every time to their name?

We’re getting something like a little touch on their side to break their focus to get their attention back on us. So we’re going to help you to get used to being cut so we’re going to do something really simple like a little touch.  By following these steps, you will have an excited and happy and reliable response to name in no time