What Football Training Equipment Do I Need For Training?


Before buying any football training equipment, it is important to set a budget. This will help you know what to spend your money on. Also, it will help you determine the level of quality you need. Strobe Sport supports several types of football training equipment available on the market. You can choose from speed resistors, vertical jump performance, and forearm pads, to name a few.

Speed resistors improve power off the line

Speed resistors are a great way to increase your player's power off the line. You can use them for large-group training or one-on-one sessions. Speed resistors help players improve their anaerobic endurance, lower-body strength, and acceleration. These devices work by requiring a player to work against their teammate's or coach's strength. When used in combination with other football training equipment, they can increase overall strength and power while training.

Change of direction quickness

The most effective way to improve change of direction quickness is through drills. These exercises develop lateral power, shorten the time from starting to landing and shorten the ground contact time. Change of direction drills are not effective on their own, so they must be part of a progression. A good resource for change of direction drills is Game Speed.

Vertical jump performance

Athletes often use exercises to enhance their vertical jump performance. But these exercises are not a silver bullet to maximize performance. While they can improve vertical jump height in the short term, athletes do not need to perform them in high volume throughout their careers.

Forearm pads

Football arm pads are usually worn by blockers and linemen but they can be used by any athlete prone to arm injuries. They are typically made of plastic, tpu, or foam and can be customized to fit either the forearm or elbow. There are many brands, including Nike and McDavid, that offer pads in different shapes and sizes.


Compresses for football training equipment are essential pieces of equipment for players to keep their bodies in peak condition. They are used to relieve sore muscles and ease inflammation. There are a variety of types available, including gel packs that can be applied directly to the affected area, or compression bands that can be worn to target specific areas. These pieces of equipment are extremely important for football players because the game can deplete a player's essential fluids.

Cooling tents

Cooling tents are a great addition to football training. The NFL teams that train for games are able to take advantage of these tents during warm-weather games. This can be a great way to cool off players and spectators. The Dallas Cowboys have three cooling tents on the sidelines of their practice facility. These tents provide water and cold towels during practice breaks.

Tackle wheels

Tackle wheels are a vital piece of football training equipment. Not only can they teach players proper tackling techniques and angles, but they can also decrease the risk of injury. Made of rebond foam and covered with heavy-duty vinyl, tackle wheels can withstand even the most rigorous training.

Slalom poles

Slalom poles are perfect for training players in many different types of football drills, from receiving to passing. These training tools come in several different designs, making them an essential part of any football coach's toolbox.

Foam rollers

Foam rollers are inexpensive, versatile pieces of training equipment used by a wide variety of athletes. They're also great for home use for core conditioning and balance exercises. These tools can also help athletes deal with chronic muscle pain or injury.